Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suck It Philly: Move there if you hate your life edition

It's really no wonder why Philly fans worship this guy.
Hey Andy, put down the fork...FACE!

They've been called the fattest and the ugliest city, with one faithful commenter lamenting just how awful it is to be a woman in the talent-depleted city of Philadelphia. Turns out Philly is a pretty miserable place for the guys, too, although the city of ever lowering standards can hold its head high in 2009, having narrowly avoided the bottom ten of Men's Health's 8th annual survey of best and worst American cities for men with a solid 88th place ranking (check the interactive map to see how much better it is to be a guy in your town).

The survey took into account 30 different factors, first looking at health data for illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Next, "quality-of-life" attributes such as air quality, crime rates and job growth were added to the mix. Finally, all different forms of fitness were considered.

The result? A great place to live if you're a guy who doesn't necessarily enjoy, you know, living. Just do us a favor and go somewhere far away when you decide life is too precious to continue spending your days eating cheesesteaks and flipping shit over. I hear Madison, WI (the survey's top-rated city for dudes) is lovely this time of year.

These guys should be the first to go. The saddest thing about this is that it was probably not intended as a joke.

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