Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Schiff Happens: Uni Watch Edition

I have said many times that if I had unlimited funds I'd have a walk-in closet half a mile long specifically devoted to sneakers and fitted hats (there would definitely be some jerseys in there as well). I've also said more than a few times, often with loud, colorful language to match the apparel I so adore, that I love the great Garden State of New Jersey. Sooner or later, these passions had to cross paths, and this morning they finally did when I stumbled on this absolute treasure trove at after peeping the latest from Uni Watch.

Just look at all this great stuff! Four full pages solely devoted to New Jersey apparel? That's unheard of. Bright colors, creative patterns, inventive logos - everything I love about fitteds, and all NJ originals! I may not have those unlimited funds, but at least a portion of the funds I got will be dropped on some of this gear, I'll promise you that much.

And since just as many of you like to deride my Jersey pride as are actually from the Dirty Jers along with me, you should know that ECapCity has an enormous variety of sports (all the big pro leagues, plus college and the always awesome minor leagues), teams, colors, brands and styles from the mundane to the insane for who- what- or wherever you represent. Why do I feel like an enormous portion of my day is about to be wasted?

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