Friday, January 9, 2009

Asher Roth "Apparently Jack Bauer" [White MCs Building Street Cred]

MTV "MC To Watch in 2009" and Weezer agitator Asher Roth can now officially add Vigilante Counter-Terrorist Agent to his resume, sort of. Schiff Happens' favorite up-and-coming white Jewish MC was involved in an incident on a Delta Airlines flight bound for Los Angeles from Atlanta Wednesday. As the plane prepared to land, a man aboard Delta Airlines Flight 110 shoved a male flight attendant and attempted to open a rear emergency exit while shouting that he had a bomb.

Early reports had Roth and his posse going all Jack Bauer on the guy. Quoth
The man "lunged for one of the doors" once the flight had landed, but according to Roth's rep, the MC's guitarist, Chris Llewellyn, was the first to tackle the man, and Roth and other fellow passengers joined in. Crew members then bound the man with plastic ties, according to the AP. Llewellyn remained behind to talk to the FBI, his rep said, while Roth rushed to make his call time for his appearance on "Last Call With Carson Daly."
Dude busts up a terrorist and is still punctual. Now that's gangsta. Of course, the next day someone realized that white Jewish rappers from the suburbs don't just going around tackling criminals, and the earlier reports of Roth's budding street cred proved to be slight exaggerations. Turns out he didn't participate at all in the incident, but he still made it to Carson Daly on time, damn it. He was also more than gracious in his praise of Llewellyn, who he called a "hero" for his ability to tackle would-be airplane bombers and rip sweet solos in the same day. More from
Roth's management released a statement late Wednesday evening to clarify what happened. "Chris Llewellyn was the real-deal tackler of the person crying bomb on flight 110 yesterday, and they and Asher want to give him his full hero due. Asher is thankful and proud of Chris' bravery and hopes Delta gives him free flights for life!"
Free flights for life is all fine and good, but you can't put a price on being a crime-stopping badass. I like to think that I'd be one of those people who helped subdue this assclown, who, oh by the way, didn't have a bomb (shocking). Way to do the right thing, people.

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