Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's (almost, ok not really but pretty much) official!

Half of Cartman's doomsday scenario seems more and more likely to be a go, as reports of Phish's reunion tour dates continue to pop up around the intertubes (if not yet on the band's official web site). See dates listed below, this from Rolling Stone:
Those with keen eyes will notice a bit of a gap between the Asheville show on June 9th and the St. Louis show on June 16th. Is it any coincidence that this year’s Bonnaroo will take place June 11th through 14th, in the town of Manchester, Tennessee which is conveniently situated between Asheville and St. Louis? Despite sources telling Rock Daily Phish will appear at the fest, no official ‘Roo announcements have been made — the initial lineup will be revealed February 3rd — but it’s looking like a safe bet that Phish will be headlining two nights of the festival.
NICE! Once The Boss is officially on board (disclaimer: nothing's official until that February 3 announcement), I will be as well. Who wants to get in on the RV?

Reported Phish tour dates thus far (I would expect more to follow):
March 6-8 – Hampton, Virginia @ Hampton Coliseum
June 4-5 - Wantagh, NY @ Jones Beach

June 6 – Mansfield, MA @ Great Woods Amphitheatre (Comcast Center)

June 7 – Camden, NJ

June 9 – Asheville, NC

June 16 – St. Louis, MO

June 18 – Burgettstown, PA

June 19 – Noblesville, IN

June 20-21 – East Troy, WI

Phish Reunion Tour Takes Shape [Rolling Stone]

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