Monday, January 5, 2009

Back from the Blackout

And..... we're back!

Okay, so I went a little AWOL there for the last week or so, but I'm back to kick start the new year, and that's the important thing. I know some of you are saying, "Oh sure, anyone can come back strong after a week of hungover inactivity." Well this was hard for me, so BACK OFF!

To get things rolling again, I'll be attempting to get on here throughout the day and post some of the things that eluded me in my post-holidays New Year's haze. First things first, while shaking off the cobwebs this weekend, there was football! Aside from me going 3-for-4 with my Wild Card round picks, the most exciting thing to happen in the NFL this past weekend was that the matchups were set for next weekend's Divisional Round, aka the greatest playoff round in sports.

Of greatest relevance to Schiff Happens Universe is of course the rubber match between the Filthadelphia Fightin' Westbrooks and the mighty mighty Super Champs of the World, the New Jersey GGGGGGGGMEN. Each of these teams beat their division rival in their opponent's house during the regular season, but expect the GGGGGGGMEN to handle their Big Blue business and, taking a cue from my new favorite Boomer & Carton caller Incarcerated Bobby from Hoboken, do a tap dance all over ChunkySoup McNabb's head Sunday in the Meadowlands. Just look back at last year's playoff run and see what happened when teams tried to beat the Giants for a third time.

Clearly Schiff Happens is already feelin' kinda Sunday, so lets do something special and revel in Iggle Indignity all week long. Together, we can give the nation's ugliest city the proverbial "Suck It." I'll get things rolling here with some anti-Philly fun that everyone in the blue seats can appreciate, but please feel free to contribute. Yes We Can!


Alli said...

Ok, well first of all you were just asking for me to be pissed about this post. I am offended because whenever I go out, there is a plethora of hot women surrounding me and ZERO hot men. Count em, NONE. I am willing to submit to the court numerous pictures of my hot girlfriends as evidence. We are just waiting for thousands of hotties to move in and replace the man-skanks occupying the greater Philadelphia area. And me PERSONALLY, waiting for a hot, eagles hating, giants loving Philly resident to swim his way through all the cheese whiz (wit) and green blood flowing through the streets and sweep me off my feet. Ok- I know what your thinking, but hey, a girl can dream. Sorry for the rant but you know I had to represent the Philth that you know I love (minus the trolls). =P GO GIANTS!!!

jenniferbichvy said...

Bf, this is by far the worst posting ever in the history of blogging. You guys have no chance of winning!