Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crank Dat Carlton Banks

Today started off with sweet fashion fitteds meeting the great republic of New Jersey. Now, even more of Schiff Happens' favorite things are being combined in beautiful fashion. This time: hip-hop and cartoons.

I'm pretty indifferent so Soulja Boy's music - I'm much more interested in seeing The Chad dressed as the teenage rapper for Halloween - and even less interested in his YouTube feud with Ice T, but kid's about to launch an online cartoon series and that means I'm at least paying attention. The inclusion of Alfonso "Yes, yes I was in Silver Spoons" Ribeiro in the first video, which serves as the show's theme song, puts it over the top. A perfect choice, given that the tune is every bit as catchy, if not moreso, than the theme song of Alfonso's most famous other show. Plus, he even does a modified version of the Carlton Dance! I have to admit I'm excited to see him in the next episode. []

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