Thursday, February 12, 2009

Put down the chicken fingers and read Bruce's Super Journal

Great stuff this week from Mr. Springsteen, in a slow week for Bruce news which most likely won't require an extensive recap. The Boss' official site has published Bruce's Super Bowl journal, complete with some awesome behind-the-scenes photos by Danny Clinch. It's just a thoughtful and intimate look inside the mind of an artist - let alone an artist of Springsteen's stature - that you don't get to experience all that much these days. And please don't tell me that the caps-locked ravings of a mulleted lunatic qualify. Ye might rap about being self-conscious, but his self-serving egomania can't touch Bruce's candid journal entry, in which he admits that his last thought before taking the stage was "Lord Don't Let Me Screw the Pooch in Front of 100 Million People." The Boss goes on about the intense camaraderie shared by the E Street Band; his on-stage thoughts of his career journey, reflected in the setlist; and of course the details of his now-famous crotch crash, and how his powerslide went awry. Bruce declined to do the Super Bowl gig for years, but to me, his diary entry makes it clear that he made the right decision at the perfect time for him and for all of E Street to finally accept the challenge this year.

It should be pretty obvious that this journal entry blew me away, so do yourself a favor and read it already so you don't have to rely on my ramblings to convey its awesomeness. Of course, when you're done, come right on back and let me know what you thought.

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