Friday, February 13, 2009

The 7th Inning Stretch at the New Yankee Stadium

(As sung from my seat in section 230. Someone awesome is leading the song from the area behind home plate, but I couldn't tell you who without craning my neck and throwing my back out)
Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out with the crowd
Buy me a seat where I cannot see
Paid for with millions of my tax money
'Cause it's root root root for the Yankees
Except for the A-Face we BOOOO
For it's HIGH!
It's FAR!
I can't tell if it's GONE
From my seat with the obstructed view!

From the New Stadium Insider, if this is true I'm going to shit in Randy Levine's cereal.

Seriously Yankees, explain yourselves right now.

You spent $1.3 BILLION on this place, including shadily obtained public money. I feel like that's enough to cover minor details like, oh I don't know, seeing the field. I know you guys wanted to give us modern-luxury-meets-old-school-Original-Stadium-charm, but OBSTRUCTED EFFING VIEWS!?!? And those seats cost what, 80 bucks for a single game? Ok Schiff, calm down. We'll just have to set up shop in the bleachers and save a little money. Not the best view of the action but at least we can see the entire field...

Apologies to my black and white buddies, but WHAT IN THE FACK IS THAT?!?!

I know everyone is pretty well worn out on A-Face and almost done caring about that story (even Boston writers are standing up for him - where am I?), but why does it always have to be some kind of nonsensical drama with this club? All I should be excited for today is pitchers and catchers reporting, but somehow the story of baseball players actually playing baseball is buried under a big pile o' bullshit, which is what I will now go personally deliver to the Yankees front offices.

Effinay Yankees... you've got some 'splaining to do.

UPDATE: The Yankees got wind of all the fuss on the innertubes and have vowed to remove the obstructed seats. Apparently they were installed to see if the view from them would in fact be obstructed. Because it would have been too difficult to simply stand in that spot and say, "Gee, sure is tough to see through this giant steel beam." Then again, what's a few thousand more of my dollars to rip out these seats, right?


gmoney232122 said...

How is it after 100 years of significant enhancements in structural engineering, we have brought ourselves back to the dog days of Fenway Park and Wrigley....did anyone realize this was a problem!?

Jay said...

How about just not putting seats where you can't see the parts of the infield? Not every seat is going to see every part of the outfield, but what the fuck? There are some seats in that pitcure that are totally blocked.

I sat in a seat at Fenway on Patriot's Day during college and there was a beam literally right in line with home plate. You couldn't pay me to sit there again. I'll just watch it on my HDTV, thanks.

Jay said...

The universe has realigned.