Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sans Gmen, Sunday was still Super

Even I am starting to tire of the Whopper Sacrifice, but it’s still not going away. Friday night, yet another strange chapter of the story was written, but we can get to that in a minute. In fact, just scroll down to the next post if you really want more of the story that made Schiff Happens famous, because Super Bowl Sunday has to take precedence in this particular weekend recap.

Last year, the year of the still most glorious Super Bowl ever, I had just moved to NYC, but ventured across the Hudson to Hoboken to watch the Jersey Giants in all their surreal Super glory. In fact, I went back and forth twice, having gone over Saturday to prepare the annual Super Chili. This year, though I was sadly without my beloved GMen, I celebrated the anniversary by jaunting across a different river with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. My dear friend and fellow internet celebrity Julia, who some may remember from her Vanity Fair e-date at the Waverly Inn or the Monday Night Raw Kiss Cam, successfully got me to leave my crib at the painfully-early-for-me-on-a-Sunday hour of high noon and meet her at City Hall for a Super stroll across one of the single coolest New York and American icons I can think of. The weather was beyond perfect for the City in January – in the 40s and cloudless – and the walk was picturesque, refreshing, downright therapeutic even. We didn’t hang around much in BK, and didn’t get pizza knowing that we had much deep fried, ranch-glazed Super grub to consume later. However, I did eat Wendy’s and see a Zams (sadly after my camera had died), both of which were firsts in a while (an effing long while in the case of Zams pressed sandwiches, and you’d better believe I was ready to take down at least three of the delicious one I used to get at Freehold Raceway with chicken, bacon, American, tomato, fries and honey mustard. I believe it was called a “Number 7.” Sweet, sweet Number 7…)

/wipes away drool

Anyway, the Brooklyn Bridge walk was a great start and I’d absolutely do it again. By the time the game rolled around I was in truly high spirits. Once again chili was prepared on Super Saturday, although this year I did transport it a short distance to the Super Shindig.

And of course, there was the game, which, you may recall, was pretty damn good. At this point, you’ve probably consumed all that you care to about it, so I don’t really need to recap it. And since I was recently told I should get on twitter, now is as good a time as any to test my abbrevs and twitability. So here we go, Twitter practice – The 140-character Super Recap:

steelrs rollin-maybe game ova. BOSS TIME. 4th quarter insanity. Fitz is ridic. Like rly good. Wtf was that? Miracle catch 4 the win! CGs to Steelers. Best SB ever? No way
about 10 seconds ago from couch

Not bad at all, methinks. Still not sure I’m ready. I need some sort of Twitter Miyagi to guide me.

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