Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The great tradition of Yankee Staches continues!

I can't believe I was beaten at my own game by a bunch of dudes who spend their weekends chasing beat-up redneck wino tail and tormenting old ladies. Nevertheless, the most pinstriped player in Yankees history has apparently taken on the proud and storied role of "Yankee Player with a Sweet Stache."

So now when CC Sabathia gets called out of the dugout to tip his cap to the crowd, is that Lip Curtain Call? Long live the Yankee Stache!

Seriously can't believe you Fackers scooped me on a Yankee mustache story. I must be slipping.

CC Sastachia [Drunken defacers of property, or as they prefer to be known, Fack Youk]

1 comment:

Jay said...

Sorry man, the screen shot capability really helps in that department. I saw it and had to document his Carl Winslow-esque lip sweater.

I was listening to the Allman's live on Moogis on my computer while watching the game. Pretty awesome combo.

P.S. Where is your contact info, you mysterious bastard?