Saturday, March 21, 2009

All this spring makes me feel like partying

Wow, looks like I'm doing a real bang-up job of that whole not skipping days in the Bonnaroo countdown thing. I'm gonna have to start doing what I should have been doing all along, which is writing like 12 of these at a time and just letting them post, automated style. I kind of enjoy adding artists based on what I'm feeling at the moment, or relevant stories, but that's obviously not going to make for a very effective countdown. I'll find the balance. For now, it's the weekend, the weather is gorgeous and snow-free, and the fam is headed into town for baby bro's big 16th birthday celebration. All this awesomeness makes me wanna party.

(Cue Bonnaroo artist Paul Oakenfold... uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz)

I kinda feel like partying right now.

As you may already be aware, Paul Oakenfold is a legendary DJ/remixer. He has sold millions of albums and hosted epic shows all over the world, from Ibiza to the Great Wall of China. You've heard more of his work than you probably even realize. If you don't know who he is, I really don't know what to tell you. Go to his official site or, I don't know, just put on the freakin radio, you're bound to hear some Oakenfold at some point.

Oakenfold's Bonnaroo set is destined to be a late night banger. With 80,000 screaming hippies, fist-pumpers and rednecks, it's gonna be some kind of rowdy. For now there are still 81 days until we find out if I packed my Party Boy outfit with my 'Roo gear. And if that image offends you, I'll apologize, but I won't take off my glasses. They're effin famous.

And that's how you party.

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