Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He's baaaaaack

The King rides again! And this time, he's a total pimp! Oh King, you sly boots....

I'd call this the return of the Mac, but I have way too much love for the Whopper to insult The King like that.

This photo, courtesy of @ELROSS, apparently depicts the festivities at today's grand opening of Burger King's first ever Whopper Bar at CityWalk, Universal Orlando Resort's shopping and entertainment complex. From USA Today:
There won't be any alcohol but there will be meat and lots of it.

Customers can customize their Whopper, Double Whopper or Steakhouse XT burger with up to 22 different toppings, including steak sauce, smoked bacon and guacamole. Burger King workers will add the toppings in front of customers for a sushi bar-like atmosphere.

No alcohol and lots of meat? Smells like a party at That Dick's place! (I kid, Smellson, I kid). Personally I fail to see how ordering your burger at a sushi bar-like setup is any different from ordering it at the usual cattle call-like setup, but if you know me, you know that if I were at all nearby I'd be right up in there now if for no other reason than this. (Whatever, @ELROSS - your free burger won't alienate people and make you famous, so suck on that!)

Which reminds me, it's lunchtime and I've still got this puppy in my wallet. Methinks it's time to commemorate the Return of The King.

(UPDATE: @ELROSS is apparently an even bigger Burger King fanboy than yours truly, and he was all over this monumental event, live and in person, as it unfolded. Check out his Twitpic photostream for the full experience. You have to admit you want a bite)

Burger King to Open First Whopper Bar
[USA Today]

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