Friday, March 13, 2009

Miles away with no end in sight [Bonnaroo countdown]

Here we are, back where we started. 89 miles to go. Didn't really think about it too much when I decided to start this odyssey of a countdown, but Since I've committed myself to this beast, I'm starting to really ponder how slowly it will crawl along. It's a feeling not unlike the first sight of the festival car line. A joyous rush of utter jubilation is quickly ground to a literal and figurative halt, as you park your ass on the hot asphalt and begin your slow roast . You realize that you don't really know how far you have to go, or how long it's going to take. All you know is there's a line of hippies that stretches for miles, and that initial rush is replicated at random intervals when you move fractions of a foot at a time.

I actually think the countdown to summer is going to progress fairly quickly. Time tends to do that whether you're looking forward to something or not. When that moment comes for the final countdown, well... we'll know.

For now, let's meet Bonnaroo artist, MGMT. My wasted ex sent me this link to their music video for "Time To Pretend" late last night, and 21 is on right now. We've moved another 4 inches down the highway. MGMT, everybody. 89 days until Bonnaroo!

Learn all you could care to learn about MGMT by reading their head trip of an artist bio on the Bonnaroo official site (really excited to see which of these is the weirdest), or by visiting their head trip of a web site,

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