Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brett and Jemaine sing for love

I'm not much for Valentine's Day, but I do love me some musical comedy. So here now are my top Flight of the Conchords love songs. When you break it down, there's something for everyone you may have encountered this weekend.

"The Most Beautiful Girl"

This one is for your first encounters. The first daters or the like-minded singles whose eyes meet across the crowded bar or party. If you're lucky, your friend Dave won't mind if you make a move, and she'll be impressed with your dance moves. Then you can share a kebab with the most beautiful girl you've ever seen with a kebab (and possibly the most beautiful girl on the street, depending on the street), and maybe even take her back to your place. Just remember to pay for the cab.

"If You're Into It"

Isn't young love beautiful? When you're first dating, things are so hot and new and fresh that you're willing to try just about anything. For many guys, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to try and find out what your girl is into. By taking your girlfriend out to an expensive dinner and showering her with useless lavish gifts, you figure you have license to try and get her to go for something that maybe she didn't even know she was into. Of course, you'd be willing too, if you only knew that was what she's into. That's just the kind of sweetheart you are.

"Brett You've Got It Goin On"

Relationships can be hard to maintain. Sometimes you need a romantic Valentines Day to say to your special someone, "Hey babe, I still love you. You still got it goin on." These are the people you saw screaming at each other outside the bar while you waited in line for the hot dog cart on the corner. This song is also dedicated to the big groups of singles who went out last night to remind themselves that they're just as desirable as all the uppity couples, and eff them anyway because we're single and we don't need no stinkin relationship to make us happy. Sometimes it's nice to have your friends remind you that you've got it goin on - not in a gay way.


Unfortunately, most of the time you're not gonna be able to resucitate that dying relationship. You'll break things off and tell each other that it's not working out, but you really want to be friends. This will all go peacefully enough, until the next time you and your buddies walk into a party and she's there with her new beau, and you think to yourself, "He's my friend - she's not my friend." Of course, if you're lucky, things work out...

"Business Time"

...and, well, you know what happens next (after you sort the recycling of course). Because really, isn't this all anyone is really hoping for on Valentine's Day?


Jay said...

Well done, sir. What do you think of the new season so far?

I don't know if you could have worked it in, but "Tape of Love" is my favorite one of their tunes.

Also, if you want to feel desirable on Valentine's Day as a single guy, go to the grocery store. There were like four girls right in my age range wearing sweatpants, and I think I had some quick eye sex with all of them. I guess some stoned dude with a beard looks pretty appealing after you've spent the whole day on the couch eating the chocolates your parents sent you and watching Knocked Up.

Schiff Happens said...

Stoned dude with a beard?
I'M a stoned dude with a beard!

i've actually slacked a little bit on my DVR skills this season (case in point, haven't seen the new one yet), but I've enjoyed it so far and "Friends" is definitely my favorite song of this season.