Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need a job? Hate your job? Live the dream!

Anyone in the world can officially apply to be the "Island Caretaker" of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, aka "Best Job in the World," thanks to a clever tourism promotion by the Australian state of Queensland which will pay one lucky candidate $105,000 (US) for six months of "work" in the tropical paradise.

Says acting state Premier Paul Lucas - not to be confused with the Paul Lukas seen here and here (you know he spent at least 30 minutes perfecting those stirrups) - "The fact that they will be paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle makes this undoubtedly the best job in the world."

Yes, and the fact that you're somehow supposed to make yourself stand out from the entire rest of the world with nothing more than a 60 second video clip makes this undoubtedly the most impossible contest in the world.

I guess they have to pick somebody (although I have no idea how that vetting process is going to work), so you might as well apply, unless of course your current job involves lazing around a beach all day, snorkeling and living rent-free in a three-bedroom beach house. Oh, and you'll occasionally have to blog about it and post some photos, how exhausting.

Good luck, everyone! You're more than welcome to come visit me while I'm lounging in my hammock with a parrot on my shoulder, sipping milk straight from a coconut.

"The Best Job in the World" is sort of like Castaway,
except without all the melancholy solitude and, you know, the crazy.

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