Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jimmy Fallon praised by critics, and other brain-exploding news

Some odd news and notes that may be deemed click-worthy by some of you...

Conan throws Masturbating Bear under the bus. "I'm hosting 'The Tonight Show.' That's the show I watched with my dad when I was 10." -- "Tonight Show"-bound Conan O'Brien is aging and maturing, much to the chagrin of poop joke enthusiasts everywhere. He also hates Cleatus the dancing FOX football robot, so at least we can all support that. [Chicago Tribune]

Fallon defies odds, appears likable. Meanwhile, O'Brien's "Late Night" replacement, Jimmy Fallon, has managed to win over a few fans and critics with his online videos. "He may still not know exactly what the word “vlog” means, but he clearly senses this new-media stuff is sober business," says New York Times digital-culture writer Virginia Heffernan. Hold your breath until March 2, when Fallon gets his first chance to break character and laugh at his own jokes on actual TV. [NYT]

Is that the kind of thing that you think you might be into? "We try our best. We just don't have much time, money, or skill." -- Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords, which returns to HBO officially this Sunday. Of course, if you've visited SH before you've already seen the first episode. [A.V. Club]

Get ready for some Chocolate Pain, bitch. A remix of the Pork and Beans video from Weezer, updated with more internet favorites and a YouTube-within-a-YouTube construction. Plus, the band gets South Park-ified, which sort of completes the circle. Weezer allegedly created the remix to capitalize on the theoretical millions garnered by the original. [Videogum]

LeBron James to lift Cleveland's spirit before stomping on its soul. The King has released an official announcement of his upcoming January 18 announcement. That's the date LeBron will most likely upstage the "Mannings vs. Williamses" DSRL showdown and launch his new ad campaign. Not much is known, but recently leaked photos have him donning a Browns football uniform, which seems appropriate since he's probably the only person who could save them at this point. Cries of Photoshop fraud abound, but the pics are real and the ads will serve as a painful reminder of actual Photoshop dreams that could become reality in 2010. [LeBron 2010]

I'm gettin the world. “My sales have tanked, but I still got you. Download this, it sounds like shit” -- Neil Young has released a pretty hysterical one-shot music video for what is allegedly the title track of a forthcoming studio album. With a blues beat blasting in the background, Young plays air guitar, waxes on the economic crisis, and sports headphones plugged into an apple, which he takes a bite out of. Stick that symbolism in your pipe and smoke it, Steve Jobs! [Rolling Stone]

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