Friday, January 16, 2009

LeBron wins Super Bowl for Browns, wakes up [Pipe Dreams]

I've already directed you to the YouTube announcement announcement and the leaked photos, but Sparty and Friends has taken the LeBron January 18 mystery announcement story one step further, having apparently seen The King's supposedly secret new State Farm when it accidentally played on Hulu. Effing interwebs, screwing everything up for TV watching simpletons. I'm actually hoping I get to see it at some point so I can focus Sunday's commercial watching energy on the DSRL.  What? You guys didn't think he was actually going to make a real life announcement, did you? I thought we all knew it was for a commercial the whole time. Yikes, sorry to burst your bubble, Cleveland (not like you're not used to it). I guess now would be a good time to call up any Ohioans you know and tell them not to adjust their 2009 fantasy football draft rankings just yet (although he really does look like he could dominate the gridiron. LeBron to the Giants in 2010!).

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