Sunday, December 7, 2008

"It happens." "What, shit?" "Sometimes."

I had wanted to start up a blog for a minute, but I didn't think anyone would notice because of those damn attention-whoring Shiba Inu puppies. My friends and I like to help each other tolerate the workday by sending hilarious electronic mailings, and I figured my 6-man core audience was about as far as things would go. But I recently got some positive feedback on one of my emails, which I give to you now in the form of a cute little Mad Libs. Print it out and fill it in with your friends (click to enlarge).

The first response to this email was simply, "You really should start a blog." Maybe you don't think this is the most appropriate story to hear when you're first getting to know someone, but who among us hasn't been there? Don't act like you've never been victimized by an errant shart or other emergency of the gastrointestinal variety. If you have an especially good tale of intestinal distress, let me hear it. I'll even Mad Lib the best ones for us all to enjoy on our next long road trip or sleepaway camp bonfire. How did this one turn out for you?

Have a nice day.

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Matthew said...

that was fun, mine was too dirty

filth is tight