Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Secret Stache

My affinity for the stache is well known among those closest to me, so I'm gonna try another little something here that I will call the Friday Secret Stache. I'll post a close-up, you attempt to identify the handsome man behind the stache. Post your guesses in the comments and a little bit later I'll post the results and break down what makes that day's flavor saver special. To start things off with a bang, today we have a quartet of crumb-catchers from my personal stache, er, stash (there's your hint). Good luck, stache-gazers.






Matthew said...

one is def you, the others i can't identify.

grow a real one!

The Amazing Stephon said...

Is C your pops?

Alli said...

Way to tell me you even HAVE a blog! I added you to my reader and i will link you to my blog as well! xo

i think a. is you and b. is adam...c. maybe bruce? d. i'm gonna take a stab and guess robbie...

i prob got all 4 wrong, don't hate me cuz i'm stashe inept.

Cousin Balki said...

A. Cabat
B. Clearly you
C. no clue but impressive teeth
D. Clark w. Griswold

Thanks for inviting me to the bashio by the way...