Monday, February 16, 2009

And God said, "Now batting, the shortstop, Number 2, Derek Jeter...Number 2"

Yankees PA announcer since 1951, Bob Sheppard, aka the Voice of God, was sorely missed last season in the final year at the Old Stadium. Not only was he replaced with a bogus impersonator who, though serviceable, was no match for Bob's eloquence, but his absence seemed clouded in mystery. Everyone you spoke to at games had the same questions: When will Bob be back? Will he be back at all? What, exactly, is even wrong with him? Finally, it seems we've got some answers.

Courtesy of River Ave Blues commenter Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve (no relation), it's my pleasure to give to you Mr. Bob Sheppard! Ed Randall had the man, the myth, the legend on WFAN yesterday, and the Voice of God spoke to the people about his health, his hopes to return this year, his time with the Yankees, and his stamina. "I love that word, 'stamina.'"

And we love you, Bob. Get back to 161st and River Ave soon. So good to hear that voice again.

Originally found on River Ave Blues - A New York Yankees Blog

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