Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Live from New Jersey: The Freakin' Super Bowl!

On a day that had already brought us an unprecedented collision of Jersey icons, we got some even bigger, fist-pumpin-er, Garden State news when it was announced that the Super Bowl would be coming to the Meadowlands in 2014. New Jersey was already home to everything that was ever great in America, so this was only natural and a long time coming.

Which exit? How about that one, smartass?

Some will whine, "But what about the weather?"

What about you shut your freakin face? This is football! What, is your vagina gonna freeze?

Some will cheer, "The Greatest Game in the Greatest City! NYC 2014, baby!"

But make no mistake, this is New Jersey's Super Bowl. New York might host the parties and (hopefully) the victory parade, but everyone knows that the Giants and Giants Stadium are New Jersey. Period, end of sentence. And yeah, that's Giants Stadium. You can stick your $500 million naming rights where the sun don't shine... South Jersey.

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