Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kickdrums | COACHELLA | The Indio Sessions: Day 2

Here's Day 2 of The Kickdrums' Indio Sessions Coachella mixtapes for the rest of us who still, try as we might, can't wish our way to Indio.

<a href="">The Kickdrums - Day Two Intro by The Kickdrums</a>

I will say that, although I was skeptical, the webcast is more than a little bit of awesome. If you have no plans for tonight, or if you want to change up that tired old pregame mix you've been using, I'd recommend you call up a couple of your fellow Coachella-less friends, tell them to bring over their laptops, and set up three "stages" around your place for a simulated Coachella Saturday. Call it No-chella. You still won't be there, but you'll be able to watch all of the hottest acts unfettered by masses of gyrating hippies and/or hipsters. At this point, I'm not sure which of these two groups dominates the festival scene more, but I know that it's always a good thing to avoid either.

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